Do It Any Way!

On my latest project I have a song entitled "No Fear Just Faith". I wrote it at a time when I was so afraid to step out and share the music that was on the inside of me. I wanted so badly to write a book and start the "Meeting Place Church". On day I began to just hear the lyrics and the spirit lead me to write a sermon and song and he gave me a journal that would help me over come that feeling of fear to step out and do it in spite the fact that every time I thought about it i thought i would just die. I noticed that once I made the decision to do it the fear got quieter and quieter. I noticed that even those who had nothing but negative things to say to me voices faded to silence. Action makes fears shut up! lol 

So right now! Ask your self what are you really afraid of? Failure, Success, Peoples opinion, drawing attention to yourself. If you can identify that you can confront it. 
Fear has to be confronted in order to be conquered and over come.

Feed your faith and starve your faith to death.

I believe in you! Take the time to deal with the issue of fear so you can move towards what you desire in faith.

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