Build your winner's circle

Build your winners circle 

Get people around you that can inspire you to become your best you. 

Negative Nancy can still be around but she is not prominent in your life. 

In order for you to obtain…


Get out of the box.

As humans we have a need to want to categorize things. Label things and fit them into our minds in a way that makes them palatable for us. People are not designed to be put in boxes. We are to…

Take your power back.

 NO!!!!!!! One can make you feel small unless you let them. NOOOOO! one can stop you from being the Awesome rock star of a person unless you give them the power to do so. So many of us have low…

Do It Any Way!

On my latest project I have a song entitled "No Fear Just Faith". I wrote it at a time when I was so afraid to step out and share the music that was on the inside of me. I wanted…

Your new is now!

We have come to the end of the year 2015! In order to really move forward we should look back and assess. Assess not just our success but our failures also. If we look closely you will find lots of…