Take your power back.

 NO!!!!!!! One can make you feel small unless you let them. NOOOOO! one can stop you from being the Awesome rock star of a person unless you give them the power to do so. So many of us have low self esteem because we gave some one who didn't deserve it a place in our heart, head, or life that the did not deserve or qualify for.
I heard someone say "If you don't know the purpose of a thing you will abuse"! Don't let someone who doesn't know there own value to try to place or take away the value in your life. No body has the right to have that kind of power in your life. Ok. Here it the hard words. It's really not there fault. It's yours. It's your fault that you allow it. Because you don't have to hang around them. You don't have to take there calls. You don't have to be anywhere near them. You can correct them. Give them boundaries. All relationships should be a mutually beneficial. If you are always giving and never receive you need to take your power back. You are giving power to someone who is worst off than you. How do I know? Any one who is whole emotionally, Spiritually, in there finance and relationships want other to be as happy as them. ONLY MISERY LOVES COMPANY!

Now! Take a look at all your relationships. Even with Coworkers, co laborers in ministry. If you leave the interaction with them feeling depleted and low it is time to take your power back. 
Limit or end communication. Limit or end social situations. Limit or end relationships that you guys have in common until you are free of all the negativity they bring. 
Believe me there are people with like minds that can help you encourage to free you from the drama. 
You new is Now! Take action!


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