Get out of the box.

As humans we have a need to want to categorize things. Label things and fit them into our minds in a way that makes them palatable for us. People are not designed to be put in boxes. We are to complex for that. When say to others "you can't do that" what you are really saying is i have a belief about you that limits you. You can't possibly do, accomplish or achieve anything great than what I think about you. When you do that you put up walls in your mind that start off closing in others but in the end you end up in the same box. Over time you project those thoughts onto others and box in yourself and then those thoughts began to infect  every area of your life. Just as you develop this mindset about others. But at some point in order to move forward you have to stop this way of thinking. 

I'm sure you have heard of stinking thinking. Free yourself of thoughts that cripple your ability to think about what is possible for your life.
Nothing is impossible you just have to be willing to work for it. You are not held to eternity to be what everyone says you are. You don't have to become something just because your family and friends are. You can do more with your life. However you must release your self from the confinement that holds you from becoming bigger and greater. Get out of the box!

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