Build your winner's circle

Build your winners circle 

Get people around you that can inspire you to become your best you. 

Negative Nancy can still be around but she is not prominent in your life. 

In order for you to obtain your goal you need people who are either already there or people who understand 

1. Who you are 

2. What your goals are 

3. What your destiny is 

If they don't know that about you they are not qualified to be in your winners circle. 

They are people you may connect with at times for variety. 

But they are not the ones you go to when you are depressed, sad, lonely because what you are doing is scary. 

They won't understand because they are not on the same path. 

I don't hang around a bunch of a certain type of women. I love them but I don't. 

Because I get annoyed with the bra and pantie conversation. 

But if they are talking business, building, empowerment I'm there all day. 

Water cooler gossip is to low for me. 

Who they are sleeping with I could careless. 

I don't want these kind of people in my space. 

That kind of circle offers no value. 

My close circle needs to be people that speak life into where I'm going or trying to go. 

Here is the take away: 

Surround yourself with thought leaders. 

Find yourself and mentor 

Limit interaction with those who interest are small. 

Dream big and infuse your circle with bid dreamers who take action. 


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