Build your winner's circle 

Build your winners circle 

Get people around you that can inspire you to become your best you. 

Negative Nancy can still be around but she is not prominent in your life. 

In order for you to obtain your goal you need people who are either already there or people who understand 

1. Who you are 

2. What your goals are 

3. What your destiny is 

If they don't know that about you they are not qualified to be in your winners circle. 

They are people you may connect with at times for variety. 

But they are not the ones you go to when you are depressed, sad, lonely because what you are doing is scary. 

They won't understand because they are not on the same path. 

I don't hang around a bunch of a certain type of women. I love them but I don't. 

Because I get annoyed with the bra and pantie conversation. 

But if they are talking business, building, empowerment I'm there all day. 

Water cooler gossip is to low for me. 

Who they are sleeping with I could careless. 

I don't want these kind of people in my space. 

That kind of circle offers no value. 

My close circle needs to be people that speak life into where I'm going or trying to go. 

Here is the take away: 

Surround yourself with thought leaders. 

Find yourself and mentor 

Limit interaction with those who interest are small. 

Dream big and infuse your circle with bid dreamers who take action. 


Get out of the box.  

As humans we have a need to want to categorize things. Label things and fit them into our minds in a way that makes them palatable for us. People are not designed to be put in boxes. We are to complex for that. When say to others "you can't do that" what you are really saying is i have a belief about you that limits you. You can't possibly do, accomplish or achieve anything great than what I think about you. When you do that you put up walls in your mind that start off closing in others but in the end you end up in the same box. Over time you project those thoughts onto others and box in yourself and then those thoughts began to infect  every area of your life. Just as you develop this mindset about others. But at some point in order to move forward you have to stop this way of thinking. 

I'm sure you have heard of stinking thinking. Free yourself of thoughts that cripple your ability to think about what is possible for your life.
Nothing is impossible you just have to be willing to work for it. You are not held to eternity to be what everyone says you are. You don't have to become something just because your family and friends are. You can do more with your life. However you must release your self from the confinement that holds you from becoming bigger and greater. Get out of the box!

Take your power back.  

 NO!!!!!!! One can make you feel small unless you let them. NOOOOO! one can stop you from being the Awesome rock star of a person unless you give them the power to do so. So many of us have low self esteem because we gave some one who didn't deserve it a place in our heart, head, or life that the did not deserve or qualify for.
I heard someone say "If you don't know the purpose of a thing you will abuse"! Don't let someone who doesn't know there own value to try to place or take away the value in your life. No body has the right to have that kind of power in your life. Ok. Here it the hard words. It's really not there fault. It's yours. It's your fault that you allow it. Because you don't have to hang around them. You don't have to take there calls. You don't have to be anywhere near them. You can correct them. Give them boundaries. All relationships should be a mutually beneficial. If you are always giving and never receive you need to take your power back. You are giving power to someone who is worst off than you. How do I know? Any one who is whole emotionally, Spiritually, in there finance and relationships want other to be as happy as them. ONLY MISERY LOVES COMPANY!

Now! Take a look at all your relationships. Even with Coworkers, co laborers in ministry. If you leave the interaction with them feeling depleted and low it is time to take your power back. 
Limit or end communication. Limit or end social situations. Limit or end relationships that you guys have in common until you are free of all the negativity they bring. 
Believe me there are people with like minds that can help you encourage to free you from the drama. 
You new is Now! Take action!


Do It Any Way! 

On my latest project I have a song entitled "No Fear Just Faith". I wrote it at a time when I was so afraid to step out and share the music that was on the inside of me. I wanted so badly to write a book and start the "Meeting Place Church". On day I began to just hear the lyrics and the spirit lead me to write a sermon and song and he gave me a journal that would help me over come that feeling of fear to step out and do it in spite the fact that every time I thought about it i thought i would just die. I noticed that once I made the decision to do it the fear got quieter and quieter. I noticed that even those who had nothing but negative things to say to me voices faded to silence. Action makes fears shut up! lol 

So right now! Ask your self what are you really afraid of? Failure, Success, Peoples opinion, drawing attention to yourself. If you can identify that you can confront it. 
Fear has to be confronted in order to be conquered and over come.

Feed your faith and starve your faith to death.

I believe in you! Take the time to deal with the issue of fear so you can move towards what you desire in faith.

Your new is now! 

We have come to the end of the year 2015! In order to really move forward we should look back and assess. Assess not just our success but our failures also. If we look closely you will find lots of missed opportunities because we did not "TAKE ACTION". The enemy of your success is a awful foe called Procrastination. When we wait an unreasonable amount of time to move, make a plan, say something, make a simple phone call we let the window of opportunity close. Then destructive patterns come because others make the smallest step effort and seem to make strides by leap and bounds and attain the life they want. Listen you have to make a step. It can be the smallest step but you can't get closer to your goal if you stand still. While you are standing still you will attract those who will offer you silly advice, antagonize you with the words that reflect what you already feel inside. Negative self dialogue. So now you feel like what you wanna accomplish is never going to happen because you are drained from the interaction. If you are moving negative voices will only walk with you for so long. If they do you are not paying attention to them because you are focused on your destination. When you are truly focused your attention is so on the goal that any sound that doesn't sound like encouragement sounds like finger nails on the chalk board. 
The Longer you procrastinate the longer you off having the thing you desire.

Ask yourself a question. What are you waiting for? Oh your waiting on the "right time". Well I have news for you. The right time is NOW! Think about it. What can you do right NOW that will make your life better?  What can you do right NOW that will make your marriage better? What can you do right NOW that will make your Business better?  What can you do right NOW that will make your ministry better? What can you do right NOW that will make your community better?  If you can't find a Now action it could be quit possible there is another enemy to your success at work called excuses. I call excuses lies in disguise. There is always another step that can be taken in the direction you wanna go in. 

Let us remove these obstacles to our goals. You can do it. I believe in you. Revisit that thing you really want and TAKE ACTION. WHEN NOW.
Your new is not tomorrow its not next week it is closer when you move right now.