Our Story

Tarolyn Moore is a gifted speaker, worship leader, songwriter, and author. With a passion to see others experience a deeper relationship with God. Through her gifts of Administration, The Prophetic, Scripture Teaching, and Christ-centered music, Tarolyn invites each individual to experience how the unconditional love of Jesus can change there life. Past mistakes and wounds can lead to  feelings of guilt, shame, and worthlessness. They may even feel that past failures disqualify them from service in the kingdom of God. Moore believes nothing could be further from the truth. She encourages  others to stand back and watch the wonder of grace and healing at work in their lives, as she leads them to submit to a God who is willing to eternally forgive and forget and to transform their brokenness into His beauty.

Tarolyn is the founder of the group Revelation. A contemporary quartet music group started with three of her childhood friends. A conference and devotional ministry.  Moore is also the author of the newly published book "The Christian Experience as an Educational Opportunity."

Tarolyn is working on her 1st solo project due for release later this year.

Her interests can be categorized as study, and service. Tarolyn and her family reside in New Haven, CT